Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Venetian


I checked out the Venetian yesterday for their daily $340 and so far it's my favourite casino. For $340 you get 12,000 chips on a 45 minute clock with a very good blind-structure. The play wasn't as terrible as that at Caesers palace, but certainly ALOT of dead money.

Not only that but the poker-room and the whole interior is absolutely incredible. With a first prize of $47k with 750-odd runners it was definitely worth participating in. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll give it another shot on Monday. The food was also incredible in this place, and I'd definitely recommend the Asian restaurant in the Venetian which is surprisingly quite cheap too.

After I busted in a rather standard pattern of losing a couple of flips in a row, I played a little craps with the remaining $200 in my wallet. I ran that up to $250 then decided to play a little poker after some dinner. I started with my remaining $250 at 1/2 and ran that up to $400 before hitting $2/$5 and going on a bit of a rush cashing out several hours later for $1600 which was a pretty nice spin-up in the end!!

If I can manage to play tournaments and then grind my buy-in back every day at the cash tables that would be pretty awesome. Then hopefully I'll bink big in one of the tournaments.

As for online, I've played 3 sessions so far which have all gone pretty horrifically. I've moved my monitor and laptop downstairs which helps and I can get input from the guys in a few hands that have helped out a lot. But none of that matters if none of my goddamn hands can hold %&*£*%("£*$!!!

I'm going to take the day off tomorrow, chill by the pool, sweat England on to victory and party in one of the clubs in the evening. Sunday I'm gonna hit the online tables hard and try to get unstuck online for the trip so far.

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