Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Good morning people!

Well I'm here, I've arrived. And I'm feeling good. I've settled in with the house mates now. It consists of myself, chud (from England), and 3 American poker pro's. We're all getting on really well so far and the Americans all seem like really cool guys.

The house is amazing, seriously nice. The weather everyday is in the high 30s to low 40s so I'm really thankful for our swimming pool in the back garden. We also have a mini-crazy golf course in the 'yard' as my American pals would put it. Plenty of drunken prop bets to be made on that I'm sure :)

So far I haven't really visited the strip yet. The house went to the Southside casino last night which is a little way off the strip, but it's seriously awesome. Unlike the English casinos, all of the drinks (beers, shots, cocktails) are free. It's such a good place to go and get drunk! The place is really fine and I went on a sick craps heater running up $30 to $200, before inevitably spewing it back in various pit games over the course of the next 3 hours lol. Had to be done!

Other than that, I've tried to grind online quite a bit while I'm here too so as to hopefully lower the variance of my live tournament grind and also potentially make a little money on the side to off-set some of the costs of the trip. I don't think I'll play _THAT_ much online, as I can save the heavy grinds for when I'm back in England. Saying that, I've put in a couple of longish sessions so far with little success yet. But I have to say, the American pro's have it good. It's pretty nice to start your grind at 10-11am and have big tournaments available and be able to wrap up by 5-6pm. I even did a full 12 hour slog yesterday, but doubt I'll do too many of these while the weather outside is so good and there is just so much stuff to do here!

I'm not sure whether I should be treating this as a holiday or a profit-seeking endeavour. I guess a bit of both! After-all, I can get down to trying to grind out serious profits when I'm back in England. Then again I can't spend too much money here or I'll inevitably go broke, which is WAY too easy in this place!

Today, I'm heading off to Caesars Palace on the strip to play the midday $300 tournament in their "mega stack series". From what Chud has said, the tournaments aren't great here compared to the Venetian. But I want to test the waters out myself in all of the different series and then choose where I like to grind the most. Pretty excited, from looking at previous entrants, they seem to get around 250 runners which makes for a $15k first place. Bring it!

Until then as I woke up ridic early again (damn jetlag), I'm just going to chill by the pool for a few hours and play a little golf on our putting range. It's not a bad life :)

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