Friday, 10 April 2009

Readjusting to PLO hand values


I decided to start learning the fundamentals of PLO at the 10c/25c level to start with. Although I'm quite overrolled for this even using a 100-buyin rule I think it is important that I work my way up from the micros being a winner. Jumping straight to 50c/$1 or a similar stake could well have me being the fish in the game.

I'm starting to get a good idea of preflop hand selection which makes postflop decisions slightly easier. But still my postflop game probably has a shit-load of leaks. I think as the stakes are quite small I may well be pushing the aggression factor quite a lot relying on fold equity that may well not exist to the same extent as in NLHE tournaments. Below is a hand example.

I wonder that in a spot like this, as I have a full wrap am I wanted to be putting the pressure on for fold equity with my draw or is this a better spot to be checking behind to see if I hit. I figured at the time due to preflop action, it is likely that one has AAxx and if I can fold him out and quite possibly a marginal flush draw it could be a +ev move. For instance if one had J high flush and the other was a passive AA player I think I may pick up the pot as it is alot. If i do get called I have quite a lot of outs to scoop the pot anyway.

Here is another example:

FWIW, Pepaw is a serial bluffer and a maniac, I think he was playing about 90% of hands and raising 60% so his range for the 3bet pre is definately wider than AAxx. I figured on this flop, even vs AAxx due to my full wrap I have a lot of outs. I wonder against a passive player if it is then correct to just flat call here and re-evaluate the turn. The only issue I see with this is then that for instance if a 6 comes on the turn giving me an obvious straight draw, it may well limit my action.

From putting it in an omaha calculator, vs AAxx I have 40% equity and possibly a small bit of fold equity due to the 23xx but I really think that is being hopeful. Similarly, vs the rest of his 3bet range I'm flipping to a slight favourite.

Anyway, enough in depth analysis. If there are any PLO players that read this blog and want to comment on the hands or talk about it on MSN/AIM I'd be more than happy :)

On a lighter note, J high is good sometimes, right?



  1. I've been speaking with Andi who plays quite a bit of PLO about a few of these hands and after some discussion we agreed that in hand 1 it's probably best to check back and see if we hit. As at this level it's rare for someone to fold AAxx and if someone has the nutflushdraw or a set I'm not in too good a shape. 4 way, that is quite a high chance.

    Hand 2 is also better to just call. Even though the shove vs this villain is +ev, inviting more into the hand with this massive draw could be +++ev as even if I hit my straight that I may be sharing, I can get the money in and then redraw on the river for a much bigger pot when I have much greater equity. Similarly, if the board pairs on the turn I can get out of the hand alot cheaper.

  2. have a good weekend mate, DTD £300?

  3. Nah not this weekend, not in Nottingham, down south with the family. Just came 2nd in the $44/6max on stars though for a $1.9k payday :) Good luck in the tourny mate.