Sunday, 12 April 2009

Final tabled pokerstars!


Maybe I'm not as doomed as I thought! Yesterday afternoon I managed to final table the afternoon $44/6max. In the end coming second for just over $1.8k.

I really liked this tournament. It was nice how a stars tourny got so few runners and none of the big name online pro's were around as it was too early in the day for most of the yank grinders. And the die for!! It was so amazing being on the final table with over 100bb's. It just made for some amazing poker action, you could 3bet/fold easily and it basically just allowed me to be a total maniac. I think there were a few playing quite scared money on the final table which I took advantage of increasing my stack. Unfortunately, I didn't win a single showdown on the final table loosing 2 pair to a set and loosing a big race but by stealing the blinds so much I was kept afloat.

Entering heads up I was the slight under-dog and I was suprised how aggressive my opponent was. He played super LAG and just did not fold. Couple that with my lack of being able to hit a single flop didn't go too well. I think the deciding hand in the heads up was:

I know heads up hard to comment on due to the flow of the game and such. It seemed villain in this situation was a station and definately calling/raising light. I don't really know what his river shove here means but I don't think I'm good that often as I felt at the time that due to his style of play he's betting every turn after I check when a scare card comes and so his check behind indicated at the time that his range is quite weighted towards having an ace by the river. It was a tough spot though.

Tonight I'm going to load up some tournies to play on Sunday. I think I'll stick to Party/Stars/Ongame tonight trying to keep 6 tables up most of the time. I'm seriously debating play the SCOOP low main event. It's a $109 freezeout and I expect over 13,000 players with a serious amount of deadmoney. But $109 buyin is stretching the bankroll a bit too much at the moment especially with the ridiculously large field size, so we shall see..

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  1. gogogoogogogogogo, very nice win and thank you for showing me about this tourney. Stars may be good for something after all :)

    Gl tonight