Friday, 24 April 2009

The Exclusive Tramp


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the somewhat exclusive members-only club in London called Tramp for a good friends 21st birthday. My usual drinking pattern is very different from this. It normally involved a bottle of cheap cider/lager to start the night off with then heading out for cheap drinks in town. But Tramp was a really nice welcome change. I don't know if it's psycological but when I drink more expensive brands of alcohol, I do seem to get better drunks with less hangovers. I mean, for all those students who read this, probably know about Zeppelin or similar white ciders (what real tramps drink). £2.50 for 5 pints of the 8% stuff. Takes disgusting but does the job! However, this drink must be diluted with so many chemicals and the like that no wonder you get terrible hang overs from drinking it.

Anyway, as we entered the club we were first sat down for this amazing meal and to our satisfaction the waiters seemed more than happy to come around and give complimentary refills of the wine. Couple that with bottles of Russian vodka being chilled in the center of the table, we certainly weren't complaining. The food was beyond good and the service was amazing. There must have been a 2:1 customer to waiter ratio. This is what it must be like to be a high stakes balla i imagine ;)

After the meal of French Brandy was served with a selection of cigars and then the party started! We headed into the main dance area and the party of 20-30ish drunkenly partied away until the early hours of the morning. It was such a good life and a completely different clubbing experience than that of what I've tried before. I think I was pretty lucky to even be given the chance as I hear it is quite hard to get into a venue such as this.

Last night I ventured out to dusk-til-dawn to play the £55 tourny. I arrived a little late to find the usual suspects at my table having quite good banter actually. Since I haven't played live tournies regularly for about 6 months it was quite interesting to see how people have adapted and changed. At my table at any rate it seemed the whole 'my cards are live' philosophy what the latest fad.

I was sat around 40bbs deep at 50/100 in middle position. Before me 2 limpers, which I didn't think much of due to the nature of the game that people limp a ridiculously wide range here. I pop it up to 650 with AKss. Folds to the button who then jams the rest of his chips in for 1300. Folds back to me and I make the obvious call. I flip over my AKss and he states "yup, I got my read right, I know I have 2 live cards" and flips 6 3offsuit. Awesome lol.

Unfortunately my AK couldn't stand the oh-so-powerful 6 3 offsuit. But I started to think about his play. In the hand he had absolutely no fold equity but had about 13bb's left. He wasn't in terrible shape. Now I can see him thinking that 63 are two live cards, but how does he fare if instead of the AK i flip over 88. His equity is reduced dramatically. I just really think it is an absolutely terrible play. I mean even with 5bb's given the action I'm more likely to fold here and wait for a better hand as the blinds come round. Regardless I guess that's why live is so potentially profitable. I mention this as I saw a few plays throughout the night similar to this.

In the end I think I came about 24th after spewing a good portion away vs a station. Which I admit was a terrible play by myself. After, I looked for some live PLO but the games never got going so I sat in some nit-infested 50p/£1 game hoping the table would start. Nah, DTD was also hosting the £10 beginners night so all the players were super tight sat down with like £40. Not my idea of a juicy game, so I headed off home.

The online game has been going quite well and I'm still enjoying learning micro stakes PLO. Here is a nice hand I won earlier today:

I checked this hand through an odds calculator and even though I only have an overpair here I'm still actually a favourite with 39% equity vs 29% (Arashh) and 24% (Niiles). This is because I have double backdoor flush, gutshot to the nuts, over pair and top pair with higher cards all as pretty nice outs. The hand was quite interesting though as Niiles seems to be one of the only regulars that I've been seeing at the 25c plo tables. He puts alot of hands in but I really don't like his play here at all. Given the action my hand is relatively face up as AAxx but he is just open ending. Vs the range of Arashh and myself we could easily have a better wrap draw than him with a KJxx sort of hand leaving him pushing in with no fold equity with realistically 4 outs (all 4 8's to give him the nuts). And furthermore if one of us had a set/the other KJxx his equity is miniscule. In a way I feel that he was lucky to have the full 8 outs for his open ender here.

Not quite sure why I'm over-analysing regular plays here as to be fair I didn't really expect too much though in the plays at this level but there ya go!

Hope everyone has been having good sessions on the felt!


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