Monday, 13 April 2009

The end of SCOOP

Well in a last minute decision I thought I really had to see of the Pokerstar's tourny series properly by playing their low main event alongside some of the other tournies I had planned to play for the day. Normally on stars I stick to the rebuy tournies as generally the freezeouts suck with disgustingly large player fields but the rebuys normally have a ton of dead money by people taking 1 buy-in shots then leaving. This means normally if you make the first break a good portion of the fields gone and so it's alot easier to cash in. Because let's be honest, the amount of luck required to actually final table a 5,000 person tournament is ridiculous. I could probably grind every night religiously for the whole year and only make 2-3 final tables in these 5,000 player tournies and then get a bad beat for 7th place or something.

Anyway that's a bit of a random rant. In the end, tonight was pretty break even. I bricked most of my tournies and managed to get deep in the $11/$250k gtd cashing for ~$70 and the Pokerstars SCOOP low $109/$1,000,000 min cashing for ~$180.

I'm going to be refocusing on my PLO game this coming week and may even pop down to the local gala to have a shot at one of their tournies. Most likely the £10r or £20r. So back to 10c/25c for some more micro stakes fun!

So far this month I've been doing quite well but it's really hard to tell in PLO if it's just a heater or not. I think 10,000 hands is a realistic number to know if I'm beating the current limit or not before I move up in stakes. As has been previously said, I'm pretty overrolled for 25plo but I feel that it's important that I prove to myself that I'm a winner at each level before I move up to ensure that I'm not outmatched and don't loose a ton constantly being out played at higher levels. I don't know if it would be a realistic aim or not to try for the 10,000 hands by May. I mean it's certainly possible but whether I put the volume in or not! I'm sticking to 3 tabling at the moment putting an emphasis on good solid post-flop play. I think if I do start mass multitabling I really won't learn the correct thought process that is required to become a winner at higher levels where the other players won't donate as easily. I've also managed to get myself a pretty sick rake back deal as well. Considering I've raked in over $100 over this small sample I'm glad that I'll be getting 50% of this back at the end of the month!

I'll try to keep everyone updated with how I am doing on my PLO quest!

Good luck at the tables!

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  1. good luck with everything mate and the PLO.
    see you soon mate