Monday, 1 November 2010

Herro there November!


From a quick google-images search, November sure looks pretty beautiful. But then I look out of my window all I can see is rain, dark clouds and darkness. Yup that's right, winter is really on it's way! What's more, it offers a great environment for some heavy grinding. And I plan on doing a lot of that in November.

The past week didn't go too well in the end. I kind of suffered a little on the volume front and coupled with a little downswing saw me at my first losing week in a couple of months. It had to come soon I guess!

I'm now pretty keen to get back into a good routine of working out, cooking, alarms, poker-study to get me back on track however. I also deposited a little money on a couple of new sites so it will be interesting to see how I find these and if the playability doesn't screw me over. That now leaves me with money on 11 different poker sites to fix my tournament needs.

So what's going on this month?

Well I'm looking forward to a few things:
-FTOPs is back. That means more bankroll demolition then! I've seen the schedule and will probably play a few of the events selling action to the ones I choose. I don't think I'll be quite as extravagant as before. I'm really happy with my new schedule and staying up until 2am to start a deepstacked $200 tournament hasn't got quite the lure it once had. So we'll see...

-DTD £300 deepstack. I'm going to try to sattelite in tomorrow and Tuesday for the weekend tournament that now has a £40k guarantee and is televised! I'm not sure who will even want to watch a £300 tournament on TV, but that's besides the point! I can see the fame and stardom already...cough cough..

-I've got various family members visiting at one point or other to see my flat this month. I think they'll be quite impressed with how things are going, I certainly couldn't see myself in a place like this a couple of years ago.

I would also set some goals, but I really find it hard to keep track of these things. And whilst monetary goals are kind of lame as nobody can control variance. I would love to have a $10k month in November and get my roll up over $20k so I can hit December hard with some $100 freezeouts and $20r's. Now that would be nice! But still, we'll see. If I keep trying to maximise the volume and create the right frame of mind and grinding environment, I don't see why this can't be the case. I'll keep you all updated along the way.

I think this is quite a fitting song for the new month too. Gl at the tables, I hope everyone has a great November!


  1. Hi mate

    Is the DTD online site part of the Boss network? I'm wanting to play in some decent live tournaments int he coming 12 months and being able to satty in or use points for entry fees would be pretty awesome

  2. Yes it is dude. They don't have crazy overlays like they used to back in the day. But every monday/tuesday they have a €15r to the monthly £300. The monday/tuesday just gone there were 18 seats awarded in both.

    They will also be having a €30r satelitte soon to the £1k they are having in December. That will be on Mondays and Tuesdays too..