Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A pretty solid week

I put in good volume and with the help of a nice little bink on the DTD software of €800, I'm +$2500 on the week. I think I flat out won 3-4 tournaments this week which is really nice. I'm being pretty nitty on the bankroll front but might take some more shots at $10r and $50 freezes mid-week if I'm running well. They're still really soft and gives me the chance to bink something huge.

I've kind of gone off the 90 mans at the moment. I seem to still doing alright with them, but at the moment I'm just enjoying playing the euro and stars/ftp tournaments much more. It feels much less like a grind too.

So yes, I had a lovely little bink online at DTD, and would appreciate some live binking too. This weekend is the DTD £50/£40k gtd. It's already a sell-out event and will be the biggest tournament in England. I'm really happy for the club on its achievement as it really is a nice little joint and I hope it lasts on through the ages particularly during this economic recession.

Other than that this week I've spent watching "The Social Network" which I'd highly recommend, eating at a few nice meals and chilling with some old uni friends at the weekend. I'm pretty happy with the grind at the moment and I'm looking forward to next week where hopefully I have another profitable week and can move up stakes in November.

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