Monday, 9 August 2010

A profitable week


Somehow managed to luck-box my way to a tidy little profit this week. This is most likely due to a semi-bink in a $1 turbo-rebuy I played a couple of nights ago. I was 2-tabling $5r near the money at about 2am getting near the money in both with big stacks. Well this is good and all but the min-cash is only ~$25 in each and I didn't really feel like concentrating on these given they both had over 1000 runners left in them. So I loaded a few turbo's up starting around that time. 4 hours later and besting a field of 4800 I managed to bink a second in the $1r-turbo for just shy of $2000.

I admit, this is the first and quite possibly the last time I'll play this tournament but it was actually really good fun when we got so deep. I ended up raising about 80% of hands from the final 27-down and managed to build my stack from 1mm-16mm pretty much without showdown. People just kept limp-folding 5bb stacks. It was great! I ran pretty well on the final table but unfortunately AQ couldn't hold vs. A6 for the $2700 first place, shortly losing with 66<33 for the rest. Ahh well it was a good ride anyway!

Other than that I've managed a few scores in turbo SNG's such as winning a $12/180, $24/90 and coming 5th in a $52/90. Nice little variance reducers definately help push the profit bar along.

A few near misses this week including a 20th in the $5r out of 3011 runners and also a 20th in the fifty-fifty on ($50/$50k gtd) on full tilt last night. Just shy of the big money. Saying this, I'm really happy with my late-game at the moment and can see a huge bink incoming! Watch this space...

I'm getting pretty screwed over with my computer at the moment. I rang up on Thursday and they said they were delivering it early this week. I rang up this afternoon and apparently the graphics card still hasn't arrived despite Mesh Computers confirming that the computer was already being assembled last week. They probably broke the graphics card putting it in the machine or something, clumsy fuckers. I just hope it get's here soon. Don't know how long I can put up with this dodgy laptop any more. Or more to the point, how long this laptop can put up with me for!

At the moment I'm down south in Dorset, visiting family for the weekend. I'm heading back up to Nottingham on the Tuesday night most likely. Hoping for a huge grind next weekend as it's the FTOPs final and I'm playing both a $200 6-max, $256 KO bounty and the $640 main event. Run good time please!

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