Monday, 19 July 2010

Back in England

Running bad at life...kind of!

Well everything is just breaking around me! I don't know what's up. First my car is a write-off, then my laptop packed-in and just now my watch has broke!

But that has kind of been one of the reasons I haven't updated my blog in a while. Just haven't had internet access.

But fear not beloved readers, I've just invested wayyyy too much in a sick new computer that should last me a few years at least. I can't wait to get grinding online again and this coupled with a new 30 inch monitor I also bought should help me ship some serious dollar online soon once again!

So I think the last time I updated was in the middle of my Vegas trip. To sum up very briefly, it was an amazing trip, ate at so many good places, gambled like a true degen and spewed epically at poker. What more could you ask for in a trip abroad? I'll try to upload some pictures when my new computer arrives either this week or next (seriously fingers crossed for this week).

Over the Summer then I unfortunately went 0/4 in my $1k's, cashed in a couple of Venetian $300's but fortunately won a fair chunk at live cash-games. Not that that mattered as I seemed to spend so much everyday eating out, partying etc. Regardless of that it was one hell-of-a-summer and I'd love to go back next year.

If I did go back next year though I would:

1) Rent a house off-strip again with the same guys as we had a blast

2) Rent a car for myself. In America you just need a car due to the infrastructure. They don't even have corner shops where you can pop-in to pick up a carton of milk or whatever making me almost completely reliant on getting my housemates to give me lifts everywhere or taking taxis. I felt like I was 14 years old again.

3) If I do rent a car then I can play way more events on the strip. I would hope my bankroll to be much larger than it is at the moment pre-WSOP next year. It would be pretty cool if I could do a full schedule playing all the WSOP $1ks, $1.5ks and a load more other events like Venetian deepstacks.

4) I would spend less time getting drunk and pit-gambling. I expect I lost a lot pit-gambling and we were going out getting drunk about 4-5 times a week at some points. Obviously it was a ridiculously fun summer but I could probably get the same fun out of 2 nights away and really focus harder on the very soft poker while I'm out there next time. And ofcourse less pit-gambling as as a professional, I just can't be doing with turning into the next TJ Coutier.

5) If I'm grinding a heavy live schedule I expect I'll limit myself to just playing online on Sundays only. I didn't play online that much, not that I could help it near the end of the trip after my laptop decided to fail on me, but I kind of needed to so as to off-set the variance of the slightly higher-live buy-ins I was playing. Hopefully next year this won't be as much of an issue and I can spend my off-days chilling by the pool etc (not that I didn't spend too much time anyway on that).

Anyway so yeh, I'm back in England, waiting patiently for my new computer to come and kind of bored. I managed to somehow graduate with a 2:1 but other than that I've just been DTD a couple of times and made a couple of hundred playing cash and managed to min-cash in a £40rebuy there on Friday. But just can't wait to get back online grinding again. Going to be hella fun!

Have fun at the tables all.


  1. Hope you've manage to sort the car, laptop and watch - sounds like a pretty unfortunate run you've had there!

  2. Nice machine but surely it would have been cheaper to get someone to build one for you? Still, a balla purchase IMO!

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