Monday, 10 May 2010

A quick break from revision to play SCOOP Sunday


Somehow I've managed to be disciplined enough to not play poker for the past 2-3 weeks barely at all. In doing so I've managed to get up to date with my revision, all courseworks are handed in and just preparing for my finals which start next week.

What better way to reward myself than playing a SCOOP sunday? I registered for 26 tournaments between 6pm-11pm and surprisingly only managed one cash, with 3 bubbles. Not that I can complain though, as that cash was a final table, and second at that!

I got really lucky on the final two tables leading up to the final table. I won KQ>AJ for a big pot and K9s>JJ>AQ vs. two shorties after I shoved 12bb effective from the button into their blinds. That was really nice!

So I came into the final table with a pretty dominant chip-lead. I lost a good portion of that when my jacks ran into the kings of a very aggressive opener, but all was not lost.

I got into headsup with a slight chip-lead and the grind started. Unfortunately headsup didn't go as well. I ground my opponent down and got him all in with 2 coinflips, one 30/70 and one 80/20. I just couldn't knock him out! Pretty frustrating heads up pattern, but I guess that happens sometimes.

Really happy with the score and it will set me up nicely for vegas I hope :)

As for the steps tickets to the WSOP main event package on full tilt, I haven't really played them at all. I've got 1 step 6 ($640 seat) still that I need to play and quite a few $200 and $75 seats. Unfortunately, it might be a while before I really grind on with these, as at the moment uni-work has to be my priority.

Gl at the tables all


  1. dude im impressed you managed to go 2-3 weeks without a game. Looks like a nice score- i suppose its just Sunday's then at the moment :)

  2. Well played mate, nice score.
    Good luck with the exams.

  3. Congrats on this one as well, definitely on a heater! Drop me a mail mate.