Monday, 19 April 2010

Hyper Turboooooooooos


I'm persistent on winning a WSOP seat online. So the quest continues! I'm giving some of these FTP steps programmes a go these days. It works like this on full tilt:

-step 1: $3.30
-step 2: $8.70
-step 3: $26
-step 4: $75
-step 5: $216
-step 6: $640
-step 7: $2100

With the winner of step 7 gaining a $12,000 package to the main event. Exciting stuff!

So I decided to start at step 4, playing 9 man super turbo, turbo and regular qualifiers. I played 30 to get me on the go and so far here are the results:

-11 step 5 tickets
-11 step 4 tickets
-2 step 3 tickets
-3 step 2 tickets

So hopefully now I can spin this up and luckbox one all the way to step 7 and ship all the gold! So over the next few days I'll keep grinding and maybe make something of this. I'm not too sure which to play for the higher levels, but I know I'm going to have to game select quite a bit at the step 6 and 7 stage, sharkscoping all the players before I register trying to stay away from the high stake regs who will undoubtably have a big edge on me due to knowing next to perfect ICM in these things. I think I'll stick to turbos and hypers for added gamble as from the $75s I've played people seem to suck a lot at these! But I might not have too much choice depending on what loads on the higher levels.

Other than that, revision has been going slow for exams but I'm trying to keep my focus up and getting on with it. Which is about all I can do! Only a couple of months to go! At the weekend I went down to London to this ridiculous baller nightclub called "Luxx" for my friends 22nd birthday. It's in the middle of Mayfair, with a very strict dress-code and very expensive drinks. I was lucky enough to get freerolled by my friend all night who was buying everyone £400 bottles of vodka. One day I hope to balla enough to do all this stuff.

Other than the great tunes, it made for some amazing people watching. I'm never normally in these kind of environments, so whilst I was still sober enough to do so, i found it really interesting to see who all the other punters in the joint were. On the table next to us, some 20-30 year old blokes who to be honest weren't that good looking but had THE hottest girlfriends. I just wondered what they did as jobs, especially after ordering the 4-5th bottle of £2k champaigne... Probably investment bankers. There were also tons of toffs which was pretty funny to watch, doubt I've ever seen so many people with combed back hair in one place before. Anyway, what really interested me was how this place did so well from a business perspective. The club was infact tiny. Although I didn't ask my friend, I'm pretty sure it cost over £100 per person entry especially with a reserved table. The music was good, and the drinks were nice. But it was all VERY expensive. They must have made so much money on the place. I can't imagine how impressive the marketing must have been, literally all the women in the place were stunning. If I was single and had the money, I'd definitely be back every weekend ;) And it is way way too easy to spend over £1k in there. I mean there was one bottle of champaign costing £35,000. WTF! I was impressed anyway!

Perhaps that's motivation for the future. Anyway back to the study-grind :( gl all!


  1. GL with the Steps. Looks like you've made a good start. I might give them a bash...

  2. Hi dude, was at your table 1st day of Coventry with Brammer (spewed off with the 3 barrel vs the station and then the c/r on the draw vs the old dude...sigh), and railed you a little when you were down to 2 tables - Nice finish! Pretty sure I've played with you online too, certainly in some stars UKIPT sats.

    Anyway, just thought I'd say hi and congrats on the cash - I'm sure I'll see you around the UK live scene sometime. Run good!

    Ben/cheesies (

  3. How's the steps challenge going? Any shots at step 7 yet?

  4. Small update since you asked!

    1 step 6
    6 step 5
    7 step 4
    1 step 2

    ..Not played a step 6 yet. I'm probably going to play one in the next couple of days.

    Also hey cheesies, yeh I remember playing with you. Look forward to meeting on the felt again, I plan to play a lot more of the uk circuit after the summer so see you then!

  5. Ah, to live a sick life all the time! I had the chance to attend a small celeb party in Cannes last year, giving away so much free stuff I felt like taking some home and selling it!

    Congrats on the Coventry FT too, I love that place, definitely my favourite non-London casino (some of the Casinos in Mayfair are super balla too).

    Enjoyed reading the blog, have added you to my blogroll. Also, could you drop me a mail? Details in my profile. Cheers!