Saturday, 12 September 2009

Time to chill


Off on holiday in a few hours. I did a really long session today playing a ton of stuff on stars and full tilt and not cashing a single one other than a min cash in $20r, but unfortunately that's the reality of MTTs! Today was a bit degen too. I took a shot at the $200 rebuy despite saying to myself before hand I wasn't going to due to being under rolled for $100 rebuys as it is. However one of my poker friends sort of reminded me that the field would be a lot softer than your usual $200 rebuy as well as the fact there would be a ton of dead money from the fish like me taking their one buyin shots and leaving after. That and the structure is sick. So in for a quite reasonable $400 I managed to get pretty deep but busted before the money in the usual cold-deck/flip/running into the top of their range style. As you do..

But before you think this is a big miserable post! It's not. I did have some success on the euro network today specifically in the €30rebuy on DTD (boss):

I'm pretty sure this puts me up for the day by a bit but I'm not too sure as I registered for so long and had a really high ABI today (lots of $100 fo+,$50 rebuy and $400 in sats etc.). Woops!

So off to catch some sun, eat some good food, chill with the family and relax after a pretty hardcore summer which has paid off pretty nicely with lots of fun on the way! Then onto the uni grind with a year of work :(

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  1. Well mate I hope you have a nice break. Those figures went beyond me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!