Thursday, 10 September 2009

The good run continues!

Tonight was meant to be an early night, and I even finished registering at 10pm as I've got to be up really early tomorrow. But that all kind of changed when I went deep in a couple of tournies :)

Namely being this $55/$80k gtd. A big relief on this one as I've played this tourny a ton and had several top 100 finishes but never made that final table. Until now! I ran ridic good on the final table and leading up to it, so its annoying I didn't ship the lot but you can't win them all! I'm still very pleased with this and I think the bankroll is heading over $60k now :D

I also played two WCOOP events. One being the $530 double shootout which was a lot of fun. For those that don't know, a shootout is like a SNG format, whereby 1000 of us are placed on 100 tables and the winner progresses through to the next round. I somehow managed to win my first table putting me through to the second round with $2k profit to go with it. The second table was tough. And I mean really tough. I had Halfrek giving me so much trouble that I busted the second shooutout table in about 6th place I think. Still happy I cashed in the tournament!

I played the 8-game too. 8-game is always fun as I like the mixed games and got a pretty deep run in this too but busted out just before the money. I'm sure that I'm pretty terrible at all the games (NLHE included :p) but I do find it a lot of fun and from watching the table there are a few that are somehow worse than me still.

I'm going on holiday with the family at the weekend so I'll only have two more days of the WCOOP to enjoy. I think I'll try to satellite into the $320 tripple draw 2-7 tomorrow and the $530 FL Omaha hi/lo on friday. In all honesty I think I would be burning money buying into these direct. There's also a $320 turbo style tournament late on Friday with a $300k gtd which I think I'll give a shot to as well as turbos are always fun.

Other than that Thorpe Park tomorrow at 8am so another night with next to no sleep. Yipeee... -,- lol who am I kidding, it was well worth it ;)

Gl at the tables all!


  1. What does this mean, that your 60k up? Bloody hell, you're my new hero.

  2. you're probably a favourite to beat ant in your bet now!



  3. Not over until its over!!!!! Giving him a head start :(