Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Mentally and physically drained with a big smile on my face

It's 10am now and I started the grind almost 15 hours ago. But to success I managed to clinch a win in the $50/$50k gtd netting just over $12k. And I'm very happy, and tired. :) It's been the first win in a good while and a really good start to September.

Tonight I also played my highest buy-in I've ever played so far. The WCOOP $1000/$500k gtd. I won a satellite to this a while back and despite landing myself with a fairly soft table to begin with I was one of the first people to bust. I was quite happy with my bust out hand as I got it in way ahead of his range in a cooler fashion, but its still a shame not to have played more than 30-40 hands in the highest buyin of my life so far! Just from looking at whos left in, EMSbas and Hitthehole, both UK grinders are still raking in the chips so good luck to them for shipping the lot.

I played another WCOOP tonight, which was sort of a last minute decision, being the $320/$500k gtd mixed holdem event. This consisted of limit hold'em and no limit hold'em alternating every few rounds. Such an awesome event and thankfully I ran a little better finishing 50ish for about $1.4k. I ran good to get there including a sick sick hold vs Ylon Schwartz in this hand which set me up for the money. I was really quite surprised how bad so many people were at limit holdem. I myself am an absolute champ limit player. Ok, that's a complete lie, I was probably the biggest fish at most of my tables at limit hold'em, with this being my first limit holdem tourny ever. Probably not the best diving in at the deep end but whatever.

For instance, spots like this I don't know if I'm bluffing with the best hand or not. Seemingly the guy folded something good after telling me how lucky I was in chat after, but maybe I was lucky he didn't just sighcall like I expected a lot of people would.

Here was a bit of a hero-ish call which I guess was game flow dependant but it's always nice to pick them off. The other times you just look like some calling station fish who hasn't got a clue. But I'm fine with that image too ;)

So yeh, it was a pretty successful night.

Dusk Til Dawn at the weekend was standardish. I bricked both the £330 and £165 as usual and I won't go into details as posting bad beat stories is something I definitely try to avoid due to there being enough pessimism in poker as it is. But on the whole it was pretty bad and I'm still shocked at how some of the DTD regs play so bad, but there ya go :p. I lost a load on £1/£2 holdem and won a load on £2/£2 PLO which was much more fun as I was hitting decks and winning flips. Always nice! In the end was down about £200 on the trip which is a bit fail but I was stuck close to £1k without the £330 buyin included so I was pretty happy that my 14 hour marathon session on Sunday paid off.

Anyway, I'm really tired and there is a high probability that none of the above makes sense. But sleep beckons.

Gl at the tables all!


  1. meh starting to get fed up with how far ahead of me you are now in our wee bankroll comp. I'm on life support now. :(

  2. You'll catch up with your cash games if you stick at it and dont downswing hard!