Wednesday, 2 March 2011

February Review, Onto March!


After a slow start, February turned out to be a great month for me. I didn't actually bink any tournaments but got short-handed in a few including a 3rd in the Everest $100/$50k gtd on Sunday for $5k and a 4th in a stars €100/€40k gtd for €3.8k too. Both definitely helped to boost the roll.

Onto this month and a lot could happen!

The OnGame GSOP series has just started and I plan on putting in a pretty much full schedule on this in all of the NLH games. So far there's been a $200, $150 and $100r. Being the luckbox that I am I managed a solid deep run in the $100r cashing for around $1k. Let's hope it's not my last deep run of the series!

Mini-FTOPs is making an appearance starting next week. I can never expect much with these mahhoooosive fields but I don't mind playing the big-field low-buyins especially some of the mixed game tournaments that are really soft and a lot of fun. Who knows, I may even go on a sick run and have my own little silver FTP jersey this time next month.

And after that the Pokerstars SCOOP (Spring Cup Of Online Poker) will be heading our way.

A lot going on online. Other than possibly UKIPT Manchester and DTD £300 deepstack which I'm umming and arring about at the moment I don't think I'll be playing any live this month. What I will be doing though is putting a ton of volume in online. I plan to keep playing the stakes I'm playing as I seem to be doing pretty well at them at the moment and aim for around $40,000 worth of MTT buyins this month. It's a tough task but I'd like to give it a go. What I won't be doing is what I did at the start of this month and start playing too many tables which resulted in me making suboptimal decisions. The results are pretty evidential in the graph above I do believe.

So anyway, that's my plan for March. It won't be the most exciting month of the year, but it has the potential to be a biggy.

GL folks..


  1. Hey thanks Raz. At the moment, no, I don't coach as I'm a bit pressed for time but if I decide to change my mind in the future I'll make it public!