Monday, 7 March 2011

Crazy Sunday Grinding and a Small Brag!


I have just finished quite possibly my longest ever session of online poker before. I started registering tournaments at 1pm and finished registering at 1:30am with some turbos eventually playing my last hand at around 4am. To be honest, I have no idea how I'm even remotely capable of writing this message as I feel truly knackered. But that's some dedication to the blog isn't it!

Anyway, I am extremely happy as I have now reached the 6-figure club on Sharkscope! I don't follow the statistics too religiously as they tend to be a little inaccurate and have missed out a lot of the tournaments I used to play back in the day on networks like crypto etc. But after today Sharkscope officially has me up over $100k lifetime on my main sites :D

Back to the results of tonight. Well, it was quite a fun night in the end. I got deep in quite a few tournaments including a 2nd in a $15 hyper-turbo on Full Tilt for $2.6k, 4th in a $100 6max turbo for $2k and 3rd in the Everest $100/$50k gtd for $5.3k. Coincidently I also managed to final table this a few weeks ago coming in 3rd then as well. I think I need lessons on closing tbh..

Anyhow, profitable Sundays are always nice and a bit of a rarity so I'm enjoying every moment.

This past weekend I played the dtd £300 deepstack which was rather uneventful and another live tournament to add to the ever-growing list of live-bricks. It will come one day, it will come one day, it will come one day.... ;)

Maybe even next weekend in fact? I managed to blag myself a seat to the UKIPT Manchester in one of those gamble-fest £5 3x-turbo rebuys on Stars which I always seem to end up in for like £60 in. Anyway I got the seat and after the banter at the last stop of the UKIPT in Nottingham I'm pretty much looking forward to the social side as much as the event itself. There's something about the UKIPT I can't put my fingers on. It just seems to generate some hype and I just generally enjoy and look forward to the buzz surrounding the event.

Anyway, I'm extremely tired now and hope some of the above is remotely readable. GL at the tables guys..


  1. My poker idol, congrats m8

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