Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Best Month In A Long Time


November was awesome. I jokingly said in a post at the start of the month that I'd wish for a $10k month. Well I'm very fortunate in that it came and November turned out to be a +$17k month with a willhill tournament leader board points prize coming too. (Not sure why sharkscope says $20k, maybe I added wrong? - defo not complaining tho!)

I was putting a lot of volume in on the euro sites and had some really deep runs. I was playing a lot though, 6-7 days a week during this month. I tried to get in as much volume as possible, partly for a chance at doing well in the Will Hill iPoker leaderboard, but also as I won't be able to put much volume in in December. More of that to come!

So I shipped a few tournaments this past week which is where almost all of my monthly profit. Sick heater :)

I also was lucky enough to blag a win in a $50 6max, $50 turbo on iPoker and a small $20 freeze.

So now I'm back to being rolled for good games again. I'll play up to $100 freezeouts and $25r now and despite the volume this month I'm really looking forward to getting busy at the higher stakes and hopefully shipping big money! I think I'll stop grinding on OnGame and iPoker as much this month and just grind a selection on different sites. Being a bit nerdy, I'm also looking forward to planning my new schedule haha.

I'm just not looking forward to the imminent downswing...

Anyway, in a few hours I'm heading over to Birmingham airport (if it's open due to the snow!?) and will be flying out to Vienna for a long weekend. I'll be chilling with my mate who's going to uni there and then playing the BF Vienna tournament. It's only $350 buyin but is claimed to have a $100k gtd. I've not really looked much into the tournament, just booked a really cheap hotel and looking to have fun taking some time away from the computer and getting pissed.

After that I'll be back on Monday and will probably play a load of RCOOP tournaments on Stars. They are high buyins but I think I'll take a shot with a bit of action sold on the side. The structures look kind of ridiculously but THANKFULLY Stars have knocked back the times to make earlier starts in the tournament. I'm so glad that for instance the main event wasn't held at 9pm with a 2 hour late registration policy as was originally scheduled. I mean who could afford to play that tournament if they had work on Monday. Or in fact those that don't play their A-Game as well at 9am after a 16 hour session!

So that should be quite a fun series, I have no idea how tough/soft it will be. There are rumours of big overlay, so we shall see... I might not play the later part of the series if I don't think there's much value in them as I don't really want to deal with the variance of being outplayed by good people at that high of a buyin!

After that there's the £1000/£250k gtd at Dusk Til Dawn in Nottingham that I'm looking forward to playing. I'm in for about €400 in the satellites so far though. It would be nice to get in on the cheap, but I think I'll prob buyin regardless of how I do in the sats.

The following week will probably be chilled and I have my birthday that week too. I'll probably grind a bit online before finally heading back to the family home just before christmas. After christmas, I'll be on a trip to India! More about that later.

Run good all, have a great December!

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  1. awesome results fish, wp! November has been gd to both of us :)