Thursday, 25 March 2010

Vegas, Ireland, Coventry yipeee!


I've just finished sorting some stuff out for the upcoming poker tournaments I'm playing.

- Ireland next week, flight booked and I can't wait. I'm still selling action for it if anyone is interested here: Where 1% is $79. I'm so ready to ship this!

- UKIPT coventry is close after where I won a £82 seat-only qualifier which should be fun. I think I'll just commute from Nottingham every day as it's only an hour drive down the M1 away..

-Vegas flights are officially booked! I'm going from the 6th June until the 12th July, staying in a house with a load of other grinders. It should be really fun as I've been dieing to go Vegas for years and now I'm finally of age with a little money in my pocket.

The schedule is pretty good, but unfortunately at the moment I'm way way under-rolled for most. So I'll probably grind a lot online and play the occasionaly weekly $1k WSOP freezeout possibly mixing in some venetian $300's or something. I haven't really got any set plans yet as I'll see what's going on when I get there but still plan on having a little bit of money when I come back.

I think there is a reasonably chance when I come back I'll have to significantly drop down in stakes and just grind the crap out of $50 freezes and under if I'm only left with a $10k roll. I want to take the gamble and go for the big-shot, in this once a year, and quite possibly once in a lifetime experience. It should be fun and I'll keep everyone updated with how things are going when I'm over there.

Full tilt have an amazing amazing promotion going on for the WSOP 2010 so I think I'm going to be trying my hardest to satellite through on their site to the $10k main event. Check this out:

- 81 player double shootout ($216) that runs twice a day at 15:30 and 21:30

- $1 mtt every sunday that guarantees 5 seats

- regular weekly qualifiers that run as follows:

Buy-In Time Guarantee
$300 Tuesday Direct Qualifier $300 + $22 21:00 ET Two $12K prize packages
--$200 Wednesday Direct Qualifier $200 + $16 16:30 ET One $12K prize package
$1K Thursday Direct Qualifier $1,000 + $60 21:00 ET Five $12K prize packages
--$200 Saturday Direct Qualifier $200 + $16 19:00 ET One $12K prize package
$600 Sunday Direct Qualifier $600 + $40 16:30 ET Five $12K prize packages

more importantly...

"In addition to the $10 million bonus, if you finish in the money at this year's Main Event, we'll give you a free seat to the 2011 Main Event."

So not only are they giving you a free entry into the following years main event if you cash, but if you are lucky enough to ship the whole thing you get a $10 million bonus on top. That is just insane.

I think I know what I'm going to be doing every Wednesday and Saturday night leading up to the Summer now..haha! I'm just interested to see how the other sites can combat this. Particularly stars, as everyone knows they hate to ever be out-done.

Check this youtube clip out. If you're not from England you might not get it as much but it's pretty damn funny.

Gl, later all!

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  1. Sick life this summer then! GL!
    Staked you in Irish Open. Missed out the other Sunday so thankfully I'm in time now!