Tuesday, 10 November 2009

November, November


It's been a while since I last updated the blog on here, but that has mainly been down to me not really playing too much poker. I had originally intended to put in quite a lot of volume at the cash game tables to undertake in the DTD promotion in which you have to generate 10,000FPP's in which DTD would give you a free seat to their Monte Carlo £1090 tournament in December. I roughly worked out with my play-style it would take around 22,000 hands at €1/€2 with 5 weeks to achieve the deadline. Now this is probably no biggie for me as in the average tournament night I estimate I play around 3000-6000 hands a night. Yet there is something with the monotony of online cash games where I just cannot seem to maintain my focus and actually play.

Unlike tournament poker which I really enjoy due to the constant changing dynamics at the table and the thrill of a big final table, I just find cash games repetitive and boring. That and the fact that DTDpoker software looks like it was designed by a failing GCSE computer student. So after a week and I had only put in a somewhat lowsy 750 hands, I thought the goal was a bit unachievable with my current work ethic.

Live cash on the other hand is a completely different animal altogether. I really enjoy it especially playing deepstacked and watching as the flow of the table fluctuates throughout the night. I've played more live than online as of lately but unfortunately having got much in the way of big profits going. I did blog a couple of weeks ago about a big £5/£10 game that I was invited to play in with a somewhat juicy line-up. Well the first week it didn't go too well, yet didn't go too badly either in fact with me making a loss of £900. I attributed this down to playing slightly too loose out of position and mixing it up with the other good players at the table when I should have instead been focusing more on getting involved in more pots with the weaker players at the table. As they are, afterall, where I expect to make most of my money from.

Anyway, I returned on the second week, not too disheartened from my previous weeks work to find a much tougher table. Regardless, I stuck at it and played a much tighter more solid game and despite losing a £4000 pot with JcQc on a 9c10c4s board (getting it all in on the flop) I still managed to make a pretty impressive £1200 profit. Not bad considering I was stuck £1500 after the first hour. Sometimes patience and not tilting really are a virtue in this game.

Dusk til Dawn also had their £300 weekend. I really love this tournament, but have historically ran horrifically in it. Sticking with tradition I lost 5/5 flips busting out. It really does feel like I'm cursed when I know whenever I see I'm racing/ahead/behind in a live tournament for a lot of chips that I'm just going to lose the pot. Gahhh, I know it's variance but this is getting onto 40 tournaments now I haven't cashed in live! It will be my day soon. Maybe the big comeback will be at the DTD montecarlo £1k buy-in with a £250k gtd prizepool. Yeh, I'll save all my run good for that...if I can satelitte in.

I might play a couple of online sessions and keep watching some cardrunner videos, but the work rate is piling on and now that I've recovered from my cold, I'm working out and playing squash again. That and partying like a madman leaves little time for poker, but I'm fine with that and plan to make a big comeback in the christmas holidays when there will be fewer distractions around.

Hope everyone has been running good, if you have, share some of the love ;)

edit: played a session tonight, cashed in $300 shootout for $700ish on full tilt and also:

pretty good night in the end!

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  1. You are pretty big dog to be playing 5/10. i know you can take bigger shots if you are live but i know you are a BR nit so i am shocked at what your overall BR actually could be. Makes me scared in all honesty.

    I once was overly confident i was gonna catch up but this blog has put a seed of doubt in my mind. Still won't stop me from crushing tho. Will meet you at the top with our £200K rolls mate. :)