Monday, 16 November 2009

Going back to Ireland!

I had a pretty good Sunday in the end. It was the first proper long sunday session in a while and it felt pretty good! I started playing at 5pm registering and finished registering at 2am. Highlights include:

-Winning a satellite into the FTOPs main event for $550 and then cashing in that for ~$1300.

-Final table $50 turbo on ongame, 7th for $500ish

-Final table bubble €50r ladbrokes, $100 turbo Ongame

-Winning a $7300 package back to Ireland.

So you could sum it up as quite a decent Sunday! I have yet to have that big score, but I'm working on it and think I played really well yesterday. Checking through a few of my hand histories, some of my reshoves were slightly marginal but overall I was quite happy and sort of wanting to play again tonight. But due to staying up in the FTOPs to 7:30am, then sleeping through my lectures today I think it's time to put poker to the side and get some work done.

The Ireland package is going to be so fun. I had a blast last time I went. I really feel like I'm due something big live as I just haven't managed to piece anything together let alone a min cash all year on the live felt. Is it worth asking for my one-time now?

Saying that, later this week on Thursday there is a good chance I'll be going down to London for the GUKPT final and to hopefully play a couple of their prelims.

I would like to play the £330 starting on Thursday night and running through to Friday with a 7000 starting stack. I'm not sure how tough the field will be as it's on a weekday but I hope it gets a few runners and makes the trip worthwhile. I'll also grind out a lot of hands in cash and maybe try my luck satellite into the £1000+£60 NLHE tournament at the weekend. I hope there are some good £2/£5 games running this weekend, I feel like raping the cash games hard.

After the recent downswing things are looking up a bit, I'm still like $10kish from my highest point, but if you count the Irish Open package to the bankroll (which I don't) I'm only $2.5k down from my highest which is definately good news.

Hope everyone has been playing/running good. Speak soon!


  1. In Ireland you will be drinking Guinness at some point. right?

  2. of course mo, that was pretty much all i did on my last visit anyway :)

  3. Well played Sir, enjoy the trip.