Monday, 1 August 2011

Settling back in


Well I'm back in the UK now and have successfully moved into my new apartment. I'm still living in Nottingham, but a bit further out from the city center in a bit more of a chilled environment. I'll miss my balcony in my old flat, but so far I'm enjoying seeing a bit of greenery and not hearing sirens outside my window every night (lol shottingham!). I've also made a pretty big purchase since being back, that is buying a 5 year old VW Passat! After driving in Vegas and moving slightly out of the city, I decided it was definitely time to buy a car again. I really enjoy driving and without trying to sound like a snob, public transport is so tilting. I get my new wheels tomorrow and am eagerly awaiting the incoming freedom :)

I've also got my net set back up again and my set-ups looking pretty good. If I can be bothered I'll take photos of the flat to put on the blog but at a later date. I've been back playing for a week now and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it!

Other than an epic fail of a Sunday yesterday, it's been a good week back with good volume. Highlights include shipping the Stars midnight $100 6max for $4.5k and a couple of turbo binks including a €20 hyper for €2k :)

This forthcoming week I'll be playing online a couple of days before getting ready for my first live tournament back on UK soil. This weekend it's the DTD £330/£100k gtd multientry that I'll be playing from Friday. Suprisingly looking forward to it and hoping for my first DTD deepstack cash ever. Will it ever come? :p

Anyway, gl on the felt everyone, til next time..


  1. Nice one mate. What does your graph actually represent? The diff colours are diff sites yeh? and you have played roughly 225-300 tourns on each site in a wk? surely not? lolz so your stuck 2k ish on the red site and up 4.5k on the brownish looking site?

    do u need to pay a subscription thing on SS to get that yeh?

  2. how many tourns u play ish in that wk m8? I've had a decent month but still need to double my vol at least :)

  3. ye this was 275 games since Monday, I put in some decent sessions :p

    The lines are all the different sites I play and the thin light red line at the top is total profit on all sites so up just over $4k on the week

  4. living the dream mate. keep it up fella you are doing awesome.


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