Monday, 27 June 2011

Vegas Part 1, bink bink bink!


We're over half way through the Vegas trip now and I've played 14 out of my 24 tournaments. So far so good as I've managed to luckbox my way to finally getting a live score getting the majority chop in a $500 Venetian tournament for $25,500. Although the score itself somewhat embarrassingly doesn't pay off my trip in itself, it's my first live tournament win in a very very long 0time and as you can imagine I've been over-the-moon since :)

Other than that, I got a deepish run in a WSOP $1500 coming 91st/3kish runner something for $4300 and a few near cashes. I feel like my live game has improved a lot since I've been here and I'm actually enjoying the live grind quite a lot. Surprisingly I haven't even thought about playing online again while I've been here.

 When I'm not grinding tournaments I've either been chilling by the pool, various adventures up mountains, eating way too much nice food and generally just having good times. I really like the lifestyle out here and having a car with the freedom it brings here is really good.

This coming week I'm playing more of the same in terms of tournaments. I wouldn't mind next year learning some of the mixed games though just to break up the constant no-limit holdem grind but the fields seem really soft this year especially at the world series and I think I would feel bad missing out on some of the juicy fields.

So this coming week I'm kicking it off with a $500 caesers heads-up tournament that the majority of our house is playing then a few more NLH tourns spread between the Venetian and at the Rio. Then the build up to the main event will start which from what I've heard will be the ultimate grind and a great way to finish the summer off....especially if I can run good enough to cash!

Hopefully the run good continues and I can manage to get another really good run before the trip ends.

GL at the tables all!


  1. hi fenix , iv added your blog to mine , if u could do the same for me i would appreciate it , gl in vegas mate , ade sherwood

  2. Fenix just by looking at you i am feeling jealous. I also want to play. I am stuck up with my work.

  3. Nice work fella, you playing the main event?

  4. thx Amatay :)

    Hey Pokershades, thanks for the comment I'll add you to the list

    B.Jack, keep on grinding

    Kev, thanks mate. Yes I will be playing. Looks like how I do on the whole summer will come down to the main event in the end, I'll be having 50% of myself

  5. I'm playing Day 1C, what you playing?

  6. Kev,

    Yes I'm also playing on day 1c, taking the rest of the week off to relax and get my mind focused on what will hopefully be the biggest (and most rewarding) grind of my poker career!